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Visionary projects for a strong hydrogen region in Eastern Germany

From large-scale production through to industrial application in steel, chemicals and refineries, numerous projects using hydrogen technology are in planning in Eastern Germany. The transport infrastructure is a critical factor for the development of the entire value chain for climate neutral hydrogen. Innovative hydrogen projects in Eastern Germany have the potential to fundamentally transform the energy system and successfully launch a sustainable and competitive hydrogen economy.

Wasserstoffregion Ostdeutschland ONTRAS H2-Startnetz

Cornerstone of the eastern German hydrogen infrastructure:
the ONTRAS start network for hydrogen

The connection of hydrogen producers and consumers as well as import points and storage facilities through an effective transport system is the backbone of a functioning hydrogen economy. The ONTRAS start network for hydrogen is the foundation and starting point for the development of efficient and effective hydrogen infrastructure in Eastern Germany. Integrated into the European Hydrogen Backbone, its cross-border points also support the establishment of a comprehensive hydrogen network throughout Europe.

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Further hydrogen projects

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