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A hydrogen region with a bright future

The eastern German federal states have everything that’s needed to establish themselves as a pioneer in the area of green hydrogen – from production to application. The demand-orientated development of a corresponding infrastructure for import and transit as well as gas storage is important for the hydrogen market ramp-up.

Eastern Germany hydrogen region – prospects and potential

Ideal conditions for the future hydrogen economy: from windswept coasts through to unused land potential, Eastern Germany has all the ingredients for a sustainable transformation.
This is where renewable energies, demand-driven infrastructure and industrial applications come together to form the environmentally and economically sustainable region of the future.

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Wasserstoffregion Ostdeutschland Netzplanung

Demand-driven network planning:
How is the hydrogen network developing?

Demand-driven planning of the future infrastructure is an essential component for the development of a functioning hydrogen economy. The Gas Network Development Plan 2020–2030 was the first to calculate the future transport requirements and translate them into possible hydrogen construction measures. It revealed the considerable potential of Eastern Germany as a hydrogen region both in terms of hydrogen production as well as consumption.

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